Making Real Estate Investments

You just received confirmation that your account is set-up and the cash you are looking to invest has been transferred to your account wallet. Go to our Investment Listings to view the projects that are currently available for investment. Select “View Details” on any project to perform your due diligence on the project and the borrower. Once you have confirmed which project(s) you are ready to invest in, select “Invest in this Property” and input how much of the cash from your wallet you would like to invest. You are not truly invested on the Note and earning interest until the Note is fully funded with Connect Invest. Once the Connect Invest Note is fully funded, you will receive a copy of the Note Agreement. Each Note Agreement is specific to each individual Note that you invest in. The Note Agreement will provide you with the exact date that you have begun to earn interest on your investment. Learn more about the interest and principal payment process here.