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Through Connect Invest Short Notes, you're investing in real estate debt securities that fund a diversified portfolio of private residential and commercial real estate projects with zero overhead, liquidity, and no account fees. Earn high-yielding monthly fixed income with investments starting as low as $500 and commitments as short as 6 months.

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The Connect Invest Process

Investors purchase Connect Invest Short Notes

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The Connect Invest Process

Investments fund a portfolio of collateral-backed real estate loans

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The Connect Invest Process

Investors earn monthly income from interest earnings

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I have been with Connect Invest for just under a year or so and I would FULLY recommend this company to anyone looking for not only a dependable but a stable investment opportunity.

- Brad R.

Investor since 2022

This is now my 2nd year as an investor with Connect Invest and I couldn't be happier. Their investment products are great and they help me cater my portfolio to suit my timeline. Staff is excellent as well.

- Mike M.

Investor since 2021

I'm grateful to have a safe place to collect 8-9% interest. We moved our lump sums from savings to your short notes. We earned so much interest that within eight months, we were able to invest in a new note just from the interest! Now we're earning interest on that, too...

- Lindsey H.

Investor since 2023

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