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Earn passive income, up to 9.0% in our real estate Short Notes
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High yield, short term, real estate investments for everyone

Through Short Notes, you're investing in a diverse portfolio of real estate debt securities that fund residential and commercial real estate projects with zero overhead, liquidity, and no account fees. Earn high-yielding monthly fixed income with investments starting as low as $500 and commitments as short as 6 months.

Short Terms

Short Note term durations are 6, 12, and 24 months, providing a defined exit date.

Monthly Cash Flow

Receive monthly interest payments so you can yield steady and predictable monthly income.

Low Minimum

Minimum investment is $500, creating high-yield opportunities for everyone.


Upon eligibility, investors may withdraw their investment prior to the note's maturity date.

Short Note term durations are 6, 12, and 24 months, providing a defined exit date.
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Powered by our preferred lender, Ignite Funding - Connect Invest's Short Notes help fund a variety of Ignite Funding's real estate projects throughout the country. Below are some of Ignite Funding's statistics.

$1.3 B

Total Funding


Funded Loans

$93 M

Income Paid Out to Investors

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