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The Connect Invest Advantage 

Need a good reason to invest with Connect Invest? How about FOUR.

Short Terms

Investments that don't tie up your cash, Duration: 6 -18 months.


Cash Flow

Fixed Income with Monthly Interest Payments.



Low barrier, $1,000 minimum per investment.


Zero Overhead

No account fees, 100% of all investor interest is realized as a gain for investors.

How Connect Invest Works

Watch as we take you through the easy process of becoming an accredited investor and show you how you can select your investments - anytime, anywhere! Connect Invest makes it simple and easy to invest in quality Real Estate Notes.

Reap the Benefits of Indirect Real Estate Investing

This investing model is both financially and intellectually rewarding.

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Are You An Accredited Investor?

What are the qualifications that make an investor "accredited"?

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What's the Next Step?

Connect Invest offers alternative investments in real estate to investors in a way that allows them to choose and control their investments but allows them the freedom to step away from the day-to-day management of real estate while still reaping the financial rewards in an easy to use online format.

To help you get started with alternative real estate investing, we’ve created this at-a-glance guide to walk you through the Connect Invest process. Click here to learn more about each step. When you're ready to start on your Alternative real estate investment journey click the button below and open your account.

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