Beginning of Evolution

We acknowledge the growing interest in private real estate investing, evident through the achievements of our trusted loan originator and partner, Ignite Funding. Since 2011, Ignite Funding has successfully provided over $1 billion in funding to homebuilders and developers.

Evolving and Modernizing Real Estate Investments

With the aim of enhancing and modernizing accessibility to private real estate investments, Connect Invest developed its online platform, providing the opportunity to invest in high-yield real estate notes.

In 2021, we introduced Short Notes, enabling non-accredited investors to engage in real estate investments. Instead of concentrating on a single project, Short Notes offer diversification by funding a portfolio of real estate loans.

Streamlining the Real Estate Process

We're providing the same outstanding product that has a proven track record spanning over a decade, now with the added convenience of online management and enhanced diversification options.

Our Commitment to You

Maintain discipline and high standards of operational processes

Connect Invest abides by a well-considered and precisely defined set of processes, maintaining a track record of consistent execution.

Operate with integrity and openness

While we're an online company we take pride in being accessible to our investors. We understand that being transparent is key to earning trust.

Increase the value of the portfolio

Connect Invest is dedicated to the continuous analysis of our loan portfolio, with the aim of improving profitability and propelling business growth.

Safeguard your original investment

At Connect Invest, we prioritize our investors. Rather than being locked into a single property, we allocate your funds across a diversified portfolio, effectively reducing risk and safeguarding your investments.

The Connect Invest Team

CEO and Founder
Todd Parriott
Marketing Director
Diana Calderon
Director of Operations
Mason Weiler
Account Specialist
Zoraida Rodriguez
Marketing Coordinator
Kyle Metzger