Investment Alternative

At Connect Invest, we're making high-yield, short-term, collateral-backed real estate investments accessible for sophisticated investors like you,
with low investment minimums and a 24-7 online system.

The Connect Invest Story

Connect Invest was created by a group of entrepreneurs who have been working in the real estate industry for decades. They understand the value and the importance of making real estate investments a part of a diversified investment portfolio. They’re also busy people who understand the desire to be in control and take an active role in decision making, but also want to be able to take a step back from hands on participation.  They want to invest when they have the time, not on an advisor’s nine-to-five schedule. When they see a need and an opportunity - they take it.

The opportunity came in the form of online social lending. The founders saw other companies trying to establish this model struggle to provide quality investments.  So in 2015, they created Connect Invest to turn that opportunity into a reality. Connect Invest is an Internet-based social lending platform that enables its investors to purchase Real Estate Secured Loan Payment Dependent Notes to fund real estate-related loans.

Connect Invest is able to draw upon established relationships with third-party companies to originate loans. Connect Invest will fund real estate loans made to third party borrowers originated by Ignite Funding, LLC, (“Ignite”) an affiliate of Connect Invest. Ignite Funding, which commenced operations in 1995, is a licensed mortgage broker. Since commencing its commercial funding operations, Ignite Funding has initiated the funding of over a 1,000 real estate-related loans with an aggregate principal amount of approximately $750 million.

With the founders united efforts, Connect Invest has streamlined the real estate investment process with their social lending platform, while also maintaining the high quality that should be provided when offering turnkey real estate investments to investors.


As an investor, you are the most important part of our business – because it wouldn’t exist without you. Our values are the expression of our appreciation for your trust:

Place you, the investor client, at the top of our organizational chart

Provide you with consistent investment performance

Operate with integrity and openness.

Maintain discipline and high standards of operational processes.


Adding our investments to your portfolio can help you meet a variety of investment objectives, and help you manage your overall portfolio risk in the process. Whether your goals include wealth accumulation, interest income, tax minimization, reliable high-yield returns, or any combination of these, Connect Invest is committed to:

Increasing the value of your investment portfolio

Protecting your original principal investment.

Providing you with opportunities for investment diversity.


6% - 9% monthly interest with no investor fees.


Typically from 6-18 months.


$1,000 minimum per investment.

What's the Next Step?

Connect Invest offers alternative investments in real estate to investors in a way that allows them to choose and control their investments but allows them the freedom to step away from the day-to-day management of real estate while still reaping the financial rewards in an easy to use online format.

To help you get started with alternative real estate investing, we’ve created this at-a-glance guide to walk you through the Connect Invest process. Click here to learn more about each step. When you're ready to start on your Alternative real estate investment journey click the button below and open your account.

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