Reap the Benefits of Indirect Real Estate Investing

Indirect real estate investing offers many benefits that can help you accumulate wealth and meet your financial goals. If you fit the profile of a savvy accredited or self-driven investor, you will be able to make the most of what Connect Invest has to offer and realize these benefits.

Cash flow

While not all alternative investments provide a consistent cash flow, real estate in particular has many ways of providing a steady supplemental income. When you purchase a Note on a short-term loan through Connect Invest, you receive monthly payments as the borrower makes loan payments. Regular disbursement of payment allows you to save, to supplement your salary or retirement income, or to maintain cash flow for other forms of investment. It helps you meet your financial and investment goals more quickly. Amounts and payment intervals are predictable as long as the borrower meets the payment terms on the note.

Passive income

Unlike active income where you receive compensation as a return on your efforts (for example, salary or income earned from freelancing or selling goods), passive income comes from regular investment income alone. Connect Invest sources Notes through hard money lenders such as Ignite Funding, who take all of the work off your plate as an investor. Ignite Funding works with bankable borrowers to underwrite and fund loans for turnkey real estate projects. They will then service the loan to fruition, whether that is when the borrower pays off the loan or through the recourse of a defaulted loan as needed.


These Note investments are low effort, and yet you still get to realize the high yields more often associated with traditional investment vehicles. Notes with Connect Invest will yield between 5.5% to 9% annually.


Even within an asset class, diversification is an important strategy. Few investors would concentrate all of their equities within a single industry. Similarly, real estate gives you additional ways to diversify. Real estate depends on different factors, including interest rates, local economies and growth rates, and extremely local factors tied to the location and infrastructure of specific parcels. For these reasons, savvy real estate investors will diversify across geographies, between commercial and residential investments, and among phases of project development, from land acquisition to development to construction to rehabilitation.

None of these factors is preferable to the other in absolute terms. However, they each link back to micro- and macro-economic factors differently. If you are interested in adding new ways to diversify your portfolio, Connect Invest provides you with the tools and investment opportunities to help you do so.

Direct your investments

Investors ready to make the leap into alternative investments often enjoy the process of investing, finding great opportunities, doing due diligence, and realizing strong investment returns. Mutual funds, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), or robo-advisor platforms do not offer the same sense of excitement or freedom of choice.

With Connect Invest, the power and options are yours. You can choose which real estate notes to fold into your portfolio with fixed rates and defined exit dates. This investing model is both financially and intellectually rewarding.

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