A Reminder of How Connect Invest Uses Data and Protects Your Privacy

As a growing digital platform in the alternative real estate investment space, we are stringent in our data protection. That includes making our valued investors aware of how we utilize their data and the safeguarding methods we use to protect that data.


Connect Invest must collect sensitive personal information when creating an account with our investment platform. The sensitive data, including social security number (SSN) and date of birth (DOB), are required by US financial regulatory suitability requirements. Our company must verify our investors are 'qualified purchasers' under federal law. This information is also crucial for preparing annual tax documentation, such as the 1099-INT form.


We utilize Microsoft encryption technology to safeguard investor data, including sensitive data such as SSN and DOB. Microsoft continuously updates security, ensuring all stored data and connections between investors and Connect Invest are encrypted. We do not store any bank account information or multi-factor authentication data.


Our two-part Know-Your-Customer (KYC) process, a legal requirement to verify the identity of our investors, is facilitated by two third-party companies, Dwolla and IDology. 


Investor identity verification through IDology is required to open an account and begin investing with Connect Invest. IDology helps us verify and onboard investors, adhering to federal financial regulations. Additional IDology security details can be found here.


Investor identity verification through Dwolla is required to transfer funds between your personal bank account and your Connect Invest digital wallet. Additional Dwolla security details can be found here


Our platform's architecture is certified to ISO 27001 standards, reflecting our commitment to best practices in architecture and development. We employ secure data centers, global support, and Content Delivery Network (CDN)/Web Application Firewall (WAF) services to bolster the security of Connect Invest customer data.


Rest assured, all data-in-transit is encrypted via HTTPs/TLS, providing an added layer of protection. Our CDN and WAF work tirelessly to mitigate DDoS attacks and safeguard against malicious traffic. 


Connect Invest also employs HubSpot for communication records, marketing, and sales reports. HubSpot employs industry-standard data security protocol by encrypting stored data at rest and during transit, using AES-256 encryption for platform data and TLS 1.2 or 1.3 for sensitive interactions.


We thank and appreciate all Connect Invest investors and strive daily to facilitate Short Note investing on an incredibly convenient platform without sacrificing your privacy.


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